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Cement Business

Tokuyama launched its cement business in 1938 out of a desire to efficiently make use of by-products produced at the Tokuyama Factory, an environmental approach that was ahead of its time in Japan. The segment produces cement and such related products as cement-type soil solidifier at the Nanyo Plant of the Tokuyama Factory. These products are used for ready-mixed concrete and secondary concrete items, which in turn are used to help build infrastructure essential for people's lives, including residences, buildings, structures which support essential utilities, and transportation facilities such as ports, bridges, and roads.

In the cement production process, we accept a large volume of waste matter, including waste plastic and household garbage incineration ash from outside the Company as well as inside the Company, and utilize it as raw materials or fuel sources. In this way, the segment is promoting a recycling approach that is responsive to the needs of society, thereby helping promote a recycling-oriented society that effectively makes use of resources as much as possible.

Tokuyama Mtech Corporation manufactures and sells a various types of building material products including cement-type products and mortar-type products. Moreover, the Cement segment strives to develop products that can create new business possibilities. For example, it has applied Tokuyama's proprietary plaster sheet-making technology to develop interior design materials and Fresco Giclee, a plaster-coated paper for inkjet printers.

Business Units and Products

Recycling and Enviroment
  • Tokuyama effectively makes use of waste matter and by-products to recycle resources in its cement production processes.
  • Fresco Giclee

    Fresco Giclee

    Fresco Giclee is the world's first uncured plaster paper made for use in inkjet printers. Through the power of industry, Tokuyama has revived the fresco techniques employed by Renaissance-era craftsmen for the present age with this product. The plaster intricately diffuses light to give natural depth to images and photographs. For more information, please contact “FL TOKUYAMA Corporation”.

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