Calcium Chloride (liquid, granular)

Calcium chloride is manufactured as a soda ash co-product and Tokuyama is the sole producer in Japan. Calcium chloride is one type of inorganic salt. It generates a large amount of heat in reaction to water and significantly lowers the freezing point of water, making it effective as a strong and immediate-acting antifreeze as well as a snow and ice melting agent.
Calcium Chloride is also used as a food and beverage additive, mainly for controlling the hardness of beer and soft drinks, and in bittern for tofu production.

Product overview

Generic names Calcium Chloride
Chemical formula liquid form; CaCl2 , granular form; CaCl2・2H2O
Packing /
shipping method
Polyethylene bags or flexible container bags for granular form
  • Standard grade (snow melting, dust control)
  • Industrial grade
  • Food-additives grade (granular only)
General applications
  • Antifreeze/snow-melting agent for roads
  • Dustproof for grounds and unpaved roads
  • Dehumidifying agent
  • Brine
  • Wastewater treatment(fluorine removal, neutralization)
  • Food additives

Special characteristics

  • In granular form, calcium chloride is white in color, absorbent, deliquescent,* and easily dissolves in water
  • Generates a large amount of the heat of solution in reaction to water
  • Alkaline in water solution
  • Water solution with a 30% concentration of calcium chloride does not freeze until -55℃
  • Chemical stability is maintained over long periods under normal conditions

*In solid form, calcium chloride dissolves by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere.