Sodium silicate cullet

Although it is a glassy solid, sodium silicate is generally not used as it is. Instead, it is usually dissolved using an autoclave or other equipment so it can be applied as sodium silicate (water glass). Dissolved sodium silicate water glass is used as a raw material for products in the chemical industry, such as precipitated silica(white carbon) and silica gel. It is also utilized in civil engineering applications when dissolved into sodium silicate (water glass), which is used to harden soil and prevent water leakage.
Tokuyama produces sodium silicate from soda ash and caustic soda, which are our products, as a source of alkali and from silica sand as a source of silica.

Product overview

Generic names Anhydrous sodium silicate
Chemical formula Na2O・nSiO2
Packing /
shipping method
Bulk transport by dump truck and cargo ship
  • Medium mol
  • High mol
  • Extra-high mol
General applications
  • Soil hardening agent and sealant for preventing leakage
  • Raw material for precipitated silica (white carbon)
  • Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer for bleaching paper pulp; ink remover for used paper
  • Hardening agent for castings sand
  • Buillder for synthetic detergent and soap additives

Special characteristics

  • Exhibits alkaline properties as water glass, with viscosity changing markedly depending on the concentration.
  • When a slightly large amount of acid is added to water glass, sol or gel silica(SiO2)will be disposed.