High-purity Metallic Boron

High-purity metallic boron is used to manufacture p-type single-crystalline silicon. In order to employ silicon as an electronic component, it is necessary for an electrical current to flow in the proper amount in the silicon. Therefore, additives are used in miniscule amounts when producing single-crystalline silicon from polycrystalline silicon. Metallic boron is used as an additive to make p-type semiconductors, while phosphorous, antimony, and arsenic are used to make n-type semiconductors. These additives as well as the silicon must be of high purity for this process to function.

Product overview

Generic names Metallic boron, boron
Chemical formula B
Packing /
shipping method
50-gram polyethylene bottles
General applications Additive for single-crystalline silicon (acceptors and dopants for p-type semiconductors)

Special characteristics

  • Non-toxic, odorless, grayish-black colored crystals
  • The melting point of metallic boron is 2,300°C, and is higher than that of polycrystalline silicon

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