High-purity Polycrystalline Silicon

Tokuyama’s high-purity polycrystalline silicon has the world’s highest level of purity (99.999999999% – eleven nines), allowing it to support high-performance semiconductors. As the use of 5G becomes increasingly common, data utilization is expected to continue to expand, with quality requirements and demand for semiconductors, including those used in electric vehicles, power semiconductors, 5G base stations, and data centers, also expected to increase. Amid such an environment, Tokuyama is committed to improving the quality of our high-purity polycrystalline silicon and ensuring its stable supply.

Product overview

Generic names Polycrystalline Silicon, Polysilicon
Chemical formula Si
  • Nugget
  • S-Nugget
  • Cut-Rod
General applications Silicon Wafers

Special characteristics

  • Purity with 99.999999999% (eleven 9s).
  • We can readily respond to the needs of our customers. For additional information, please contact the Silicon sales department.

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Silicon Sales Dept.

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