High purity chemicals for electronic manufacturing "IPA SE"

IPA SE is isopropyl alcohol (IPA) made for the electronics industry. Tokuyama IPA SE has a high purity rate of over 99.99% thanks to an integrated process that reduces impurities in IPA, which is manufactured using a proprietary process in which water and propylene react directly. The product is suitable for cleaning and drying process of electronic devices including semiconductors and glass substrates. Tokuyama has shipping bases in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and China, and is strengthening its supply system to state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturers.

Product overview

Generic names Isopropyl Alcohol
Chemical formula CH3CH(OH)CH3
Packing /
shipping method
Canister, bottle, lorry
Special properties
  • High-purity level of over 99.99%
  • Flammable hazardous material
General applications
  • Precision cleaning of semiconductor wafers, electronic devices, and other items
  • Dewatering and drying of semiconductor wafers and electronic devices
  • Rinsing for stripping solutions
  • Cleaning of various equipment and pipes

Special characteristics

  • Mixes well with water, oil, and other organic compounds
    IPA SE can be used for dewatering and drying as well as removing impurities that adhere in manufacturing processes.
  • Has a lowest metallic substance and particle content
    During washing of semiconductor wafers, miniscule bits of metallic substances and particles can adhere to be printed circuit patterns. IPA SE is a highly pure product from which the greatest possible amount of these impurities is removed.

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