Spherical amorphous silica beads "EXCEBEADS™"

EXCEBEADS™ is a spherical non-porous silica with a particle size of 3 to 10 μm produced by vapor phase reaction.
EXCEBEADS™ is amorphous, high purity, and highly spherical due to TOKUYAMA's unique manufacturing process, and can be widely used in various cosmetic products, especially as a substitute for micro plastic beads.

Product overview

Generic names Spherical amorphous silica
Product name EXCEBEADS™
Chemical formula SiO2
Packing /
shipping method
Paper bags
General applications
  • Healthcare Applications such as for cosmetic / personal care products
    - Micro plastic beads alternatives
    - Makeup products (Foundation, Face powder etc.)
    - Sunscreen

Special characteristics

  • Silky Smooth Skin feel: The narrow and uniformed particle size distribution provides a silky, smooth skin feel.
  • Amorphous: The X-ray diffraction pattern shows that EXCEBEADS™ is amorphous.
  • Eco-Friendly: EXCEBEADS™ can be an alternative to micro plastic beads and is an environmentally friendly material. Its natural origin index is 1. (acc. to ISO 16128)
  • Non-porus:It is unlikely to affect the function of the product such as viscosity.
  • High purity: EXCEBEADS™ is produced in a closed system using highly purified materials, resulting in silica with a trace of impurities such as radioelements, heavy metal elements, or ionic elements.

Key properties and effects

  • Soft Focus Effect:Reducing the visibility of wrinkles and pores by reducing unevenness both physically and optically.
  • Polishing/Scrubbing Effect:The highly spherical particles act as a scrubbing agent that is skin-friendly (consists of glass components found in nature). Potential alternative to plastic beads.
  • Increases Volume:A chemically stable excipient that increases volume with low thickening. Does not affect formulation, and is safe and gentle on the skin.

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