Photochromic dye materials

General applications Eyeglass lenses
Special properties ・Quick color changing and fading
・High color density
・Excellent durability
・UV protection

Product overview

Photochromic dye materials are mainly used for eyeglass lenses, including lenses for regular eyeglasses as well as sunglasses. Lenses made with photochromic dye materials are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When exposed to the strong ultraviolet rays of outdoor sunshine, photochromic lenses turn to gray or brown to protect the wearer from glare and ultraviolet light, and return transparent indoors.

Tokuyama offers several types of photochromic dye materials which become colored when exposed to the UV rays: Casting (In-mass) type is mixed into the raw materials of plastic lens; Coating type is coated on the lens surface; Sheet type is adhered to the lens surface.

Photochromic dye materials

Special characteristics

Photochromic dye materials offer a number of color variations from transparent to gray and brown, and can also be colored with the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow.
Tokuyama has reached the world's best level of quality for these materials with regard to the following characteristics:
・Quick color changing and fading
・High color density even on hot summer
・Excellent durability
・Blocks over 99% of ultraviolet rays regardless of the color

Photochromic dye materials

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