High purity chemicals for electronics manufacturing "TOKUSO IPA SE"

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Generic names Isopropyl Alcohol
Product name TOKUSO IPA SE
Main applications Precision cleaning and drying of semiconductor wafers and other electronic devices
Packing / shipping method Canister, bottle, lorryk
Chemical formula CH3CH(OH)CH3
Special properties High-purity level of over 99.99%
flammable hazardous substance

Product overview

TOKUSO IPA SE is isopropyl alcohol (IPA) made for the electronics industry. Tokuyama produces IPA SE by the original direct hydrogen method to achieve a high purity level of over 99.99%.The product is suitable for cleaning and drying process of electronic devices including semiconductors and glass substrates.


  • Precision cleaning of semiconductor wafers, electronic devices, and other items
    TOKUSO IPA SE removes minute impurities that cling to semiconductor wafers.
  • Dewatering and drying of semiconductor wafers and electronic devices
    After being washed, semiconductor wafers are dried using a hot vapor form of TOKUSO IPA SE to remove watermarks and impurities remaining on the surface.
  • Rinsing liquid for stripping solutions
  • Cleaning of manufacturing tools


  • Mixes well with water, oil, and other organic compounds
    TOKUSO IPA SE can be used for dewatering and drying to remove impurities that build up in manufacturing processes.
  • Completely removes metallic matter and particles
    Miniscule bits of metallic matter and particles can adhere to semiconductor wafers during washing, potentially resulting in modifications of electrical circuits. Because it is a highly pure product, TOKUSO IPA SE can remove the greatest possible amount of these impurities.

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