Methylene chloride for metal-washing "METACLENE"

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Generic names Methylene chloride for metal-washing
Product name METACLENE
Main applications Removal of oil during metal processing
Packing / shipping method 250-kilogram drums, 25-kilogram cans; Tanker trucks
Chemical formula CH2Cl2
Special properties Nonflammable chlorinated solvent

Product overview

Tokuyama developed METACLENE as a solvent for cleaning metals. The product features excellent detergency and is nonflammable, highly stable, and economical to use. Owing to these properties, METACLENE is widely used in numerous industries, including the machinery, automotive, and steel industries.


Metaclene is a solvent that removes rust-proofing oil and cutting oil from surfaces after metal processing in the machinery and metal industries.


  • Incombustible: Incombustible and safe
  • Strong detergency: Powerful oil remover
  • Quick drying: Allows efficient cleaning work due to quick drying with no stain remaining
  • Excellent stability: Other types of chlorine-based solvents occasionally decompose and damage surfaces and equipment. METACLENE, however, is very unlikely to cause such problems.

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