Positive-Type Photoresist Developer

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Generic names Postive-type photoresist developer, tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH)
Product name SD-1, SD-W, SD-20, SD-25, Special Developer
Main applications Various kinds of resist developers; alkali solvents for electronic devices and other items
Packing / shipping method Canisters, drums, polyethylene bottles
Chemical formula N(CH3)4OH
Special properties Strong alkali; colorless and transparent liquid (at room temperature)

Product overview


(18L Canisters)

Tokuyama's postive-type photoresist developer SD Series are chemical agents used in photolithography processes to form circuits in semiconductor wafers. They are suitable for micro-processing because that can be used to create sharp wiring patterns. Because SD Series are organic alkaline solution, they can also be used as substitutes for inorganic alkaline developer.


  • Various kinds of positive type photolithography process
  • Alkali cleansers for electronic devices and other items
  • Silicon etching agents for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Additions for chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry

Positive-type photoresist developer is used in the photolithography process for forming patterns, or circuits, on semiconductor wafers. Photoresist (light-sensitive material) is first coated on the surface of the wafer, and then patterns are burned in through light exposure. After the exposure, the photoresist is dissolved using SD-1 to leave the wiring patterns formed. (See the illustration below.)

Photo lithography process


  • High purity
    Extremely low amount of impurities such as metal ions and chlorine ions.
  • Applicable to micro-processing
    Sharp wiring patterns for easy etching


Grade name Description
SD-1 Standard type (2.38%)
SD-W Surfactant is added (2.38%)
SD-20 Conc. product (20%)
SD-25 Conc. product (25%)
Special developer Special concentrations other than standard type (2.38%)


Classified as a strong alkali substance with corrosive properties

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