High-purity Trichlorosilane

Generic names Trichlorosilane, TCS
Chemical formula SiHCl3
Packing / shipping method Containers and cylinders

Product overview

Because Tokuyama's trichlorosilane is manufactured as an intermediate material for polycrystalline silicon, it is a high-purity product that can be used in semiconductor applications. Trichlorosilane is employed in the manufacturing of silicone resins, discrete elements such as electric diodes, and epitaxial wafers, which are used for charge-coupled devices (CCD) and MOS-type IC substrates.

General applications

・Material for silicon epitaxial growth wafers.

・Material for silicone resins(organic silicone compounds).

・Organic synthetic intermediate.

Special characteristics

・Has been purified to a high enough degree to be produced and used as an intermediate material for polycrystalline silicon

・At nomal temperature, trichlorosilane is a colorless, transparent liquid with a pungent odor, and is stable only when stored in tightly sealed containers

・By reacting to moisture in the air, trichlorosilane decomposes into corrosive hydrogen chloride gas and silica

・Trichlorosilane is flammable and easily ignites when exposed to air

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