Soda Ash (light ash, dense ash)

Tokuyama founded its business in 1918 as a producer of soda ash. The company is now the sole soda ash manufacturer in Japan.
Soda ash can be found in a wide range of products, from industrial-use items to food additives, as well as in packaging products, from bulk transportation applications to paper bags.
We are able to offer safe and precise delivery thanks to the positioning of inventory storage points throughout the country.

Product overview

Generic names Sodium carbonate, Carbonate of soda
Chemical formula Na2CO3
Packing /
shipping method
Bulk transpotation,Flexible containers and paper bags
  • Industrial grade
  • Food-additive grade
General applications
  • Material for flat glass, bottle glass and glass wool (a heat insulating)
  • Material for soap and detergents
  • Brine
  • Water treatment auxiliary agent

Special characteristics

  • A fine white powder that is absorbent and easily dissolves in water
  • Highly alkaline in water solution, and produces carbon dioxide in reaction to acid