High-purity Polycrystalline Silicon

Generic names Polycrystalline Silicon, Polysilicon
Chemical formula Si
Packing / shipping method Cardboard boxes

Product overview

Polycrystalline Silicon is produced by reacting synthesizing metallic silicon and hydrogen chloride to produce trichlorosilane, which is then purified through distillation and subject to hydrogen reduction at high temperatures. Polycrystalline Silicon made by Tokuyama attains the world's highest level of purity, and can therefore increase the performance of semiconductors.

General applications

For semiconductor applications, polycrystalline silicon is changed into single crystalline silicon and then single crystalline wafers to become electric components such as integrated circuits, which are embedded in electronic devices as main components.

Special characteristics

・Purity with 99.999999999% (eleven 9s).
Semiconductor applications in particular require a high degree of purity for Polycrystalline Silicon.Silicon wafer with high purity polycrystalline silicon is necessary for doping process in semiconductor manufacturing. Without high purity silicon wafer at the doping process, it causes not good yield with boron or phosphorus into silicon wafer.

・Tokuyama is applying its expertise in quality control accumulated over many years of developing semiconductor applications to supply polycrystalline silicon of consistent quality and high purity to every part of the world.

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