Fumed Silica "REOLOSIL"

Generic names Fumed Silica
Chemical formula SiO2
Packing / shipping method Flexible containers, paper bags

Product overview

REOLOSIL is fumed silica manufactured under strict process controls using highly purified raw materials. The product is a powder composed of primary particles between 5 to 50 nanometers in diameter.

General applications

The use of REOLOSIL as a reinforcing and bulking agent in elastomers such as silicone rubber contributes to higher strength and stretching properties.

The viscosity of a solvent can be adjusted by addition of REOLOSIL, giving it thixotropic properties*2 (improvement in workability). In addition, strengths caused by hardening can also be increased through the use of REOLOSIL.
*1 Rubber-like materials used in the gaps between the frames and glass of windows to adhere and seal both sides. *2 This refers to the property in which a material in an undisturbed static state resists flowing, but flows freely when force is increased.

・Liquid resins
REOLOSIL is used to prevent paint, adhesives, and other liquid products from dripping, and also to prevent pigments contained in the above-mentioned liquids from settling.

Added to various powders, REOLOSIL improves the flowability of the powder and prevents the powder from caking.

REOLOSIL is used as additives for toners to improve flow properties, efficiency of tribo-electric charge, controlling the electric charge and toner transfer to the paper.

Special characteristics

・REOLOSIL is microparticles manufactured by vapor phase reaction, and forms loose agglomerates. By dispersing it moderately, it can be dispersed in particles smaller than the wavelength range of visible light.

・REOLOSIL is available in various hydrophilic grades and hydrophobic grades produced from hydrophilic silica through hydrophobic surface treatment. According to the application objectives of the powder, REOLOSIL can be dispersed in various dispersion media, including liquid and powder.

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