IPA Continuous Resistivity Meter

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Generic names IPA Continuous Resistivity Meter
Product name TOR-2000
Main applications Monitoring the resistivity of IPA

Product overview

IPA Continuous Resistivity Meter

Measuring instrument to manage IPA quality by monitoring the resistivity of IPA.
Used in cleaning and drying process management of wafers in semiconductor production.


The IPA continuous resistivity meter TOR-2000 is a proprietary analytical instrument that aims to monitor and control the quality of organic solvents used in the electronics industry, and to reduce the volume of solvents used to help conserve the environment.

TOR-2000 is able to continuously measure resistivity of in-line organic solvent such as IPA. In addition, TOR-2000 monitors minute quantities of impurities (such as metal ion, particles, and moisture) that cause product yields to decline.
TOR-2000 is a high-precision continuous resistivity meter with a resistivity measurement range of up to 10GΩ/cm. Expected to acquire UL certification and CE marking.

  • Quick in-line measurement
    Resistivity of an in-line solvent can be measured continuously. There is no need to take samples, lowering the probability of error by the technician.
  • High reliability of measurement at a ppt-level
    Able to detect ionic impurities in solvent at a ppt-level
  • Wide measuring ranges
    Able to detect resistivity from 7.5MΩ/cm to 750GΩ/cm at temperatures ranging from 10oC to 98oC
  • Compact and lightweight
    DIN96 (L96 × W96× D152・965g)
  • Real time display on PCs with data collection software
    TOR-2000 is able to show measurement data and alarm information on PCs in real time for daily quality management and improvements in yields. It is also able to manage the quality of chemicals through data loaded onto a PC.
  • Ideal for process control
    With a variety of interfaces, TOR-2000 is able to connect to various control equipment and collect data over connections to several sets of machines.

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