Specialty Products Business Division

Electronic Materials Business

Tokuyama’s high-purity polycrystalline silicon boasts the world’s highest level of purity and makes the higher performance of semiconductors possible.

An input material used when manufacturing p-type semiconductors, high-purity metallic boron is an additive applied in miniscule amounts when producing single-crystalline silicon from polycrystalline silicon. Tokuyama’s metallic boron is a high-purity product that is manufactured using the Company’s high-purity polycrystalline silicon deposition technology.

Manufactured as an intermediary material for high-purity polycrystalline silicon, high-purity trichlorosilane is a high-purity product that can be used in semiconductor applications.

Fumed Silica Business

REOLOSIL is a fumed silica that is manufactured under strict process controls using highly pure tetrachlorosilane as a raw material. This product is a powder composed of primary particles between five to 50 nanometers in diameter.

Used as an encapsulant for semiconductors, EXCELICA is fused synthetic spherical silica produced through a gas phase reaction with a particle diameter ranging from the submicron level to 100 microns.

Tokuyama’s tetrachlorosilane is a high-purity product that is generated in the production process for highly pure polycrystalline silicon

Thermal Management Material Business

Tokuyama’s high-purity aluminum nitride powder exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, a high rate of electrical insulation, and similar thermal expansion properties as various kinds of semiconductors, making it an optimum material for sintered objects.

SHAPAL™ is Tokuyama's line of ceramic products, which are made by sintering aluminum nitride powder. SHAPAL™ has excellent thermal conductivity, strong resistance to halogen gas plasma, and a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to silicon. These properties are made use of in a wide range of applications, including components that must dissipate heat and components for semiconductor production equipment.

Tokuyama's machinable aluminum nitride ceramics exhibit excellent machinability and strength, enabling them to be used in a wide array of fields, including as structural materials.

IC Chemicals Business

Tokuyama’s IPA SE is isopropyl alcohol (IPA) made for the electronics industry using a proprietary method to achieve a high purity level of over 99.99%. This product is ideal for cleaning and drying electronic devices including semiconductors and glass substrates.

Tokuyama's positive-type photoresist developer SD Series are chemical agents used in photolithography processes to form circuits in semiconductor wafers. Manufactured using a proprietary technology, this product is attracting acclaim from large numbers of customers as a high-purity chemical agent with low residue.

Tokuyama developed METACLENE as a solvent for cleaning metals. The product features excellent detergency and is nonflammable, highly stable, and economical to use. Owing to these properties, METACLENE is widely used in numerous industries, including the machinery, automotive, and steel industries.

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