Life & Amenity Business Division

Life & Amenity Business Division

The Life & Amenity Business Division oversees Group companies manufacturing and selling polyolefin films, plastic window sashes, medical diagnosis systems, dental materials and equipment, ion exchange membranes and other products, and is also in charge of Tokuyama's fine chemicals business and NF business.

In the fine chemicals business, utilizing our organic synthetic technology to advantage, we are expanding this business with eyeglass lens materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients for generic drugs, and intermediates as our main products. In the NF business, we manufacture and sell air-permeable films (microporous films) that repel water but allow air and moisture to penetrate.

Shanghai Tokuyama Plastics Co., Ltd., one of the Group companies we are responsible for, manufactures and sells air-permeable films used for disposable diapers, demand for which is climbing rapidly in China and other emerging countries.

Business Units and Products

Group Companies

Sun • Tox Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

Manufacture and sale of polyolefin film
Sun・Tox Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells plastic films.
Its products are widely used to package foods like rice-balls and sandwiches sold in convenience stores.

A&T Corporation 

Development, manufacture and sale of clinical testing agents and equipment systems
A&T Corporation is developing its business in the Clinical Laboratory field under the corporate philosophy of “Support Medical Care and Contribute to People’s Health around the World.”

Excel Shanon Corporation (Japanese)

Manufacture and sale of plastic window sashes and various kinds of house construction materials
"Shanon Window" is the leading PVC windows with superior thermal insulation performance. Optimal for soundproof and airtight applications, this window is essential for energy saving home and comfortable living.

ASTOM Corporation 

Manufacture and sale of Ion exchange membranes and systems
ASTOM Corporation supplies ion exchange membranes and electrodialysis equipment used in a wide range of fields such as water treatment, food, medicine. They contribute for global environmental conservation.

Tokuyama Dental Corporation 

Manufacture and sale of dental materials and equipment
Tokuyama Dental Corporation strives to nurture a world of abundant health and prosperity through its innovative products and technology.

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