Life & Amenity Business Division

MA Business

Tokuyama engages in the process development of active ingredients and production of bulk pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates for medicines for improving digestive functions, allergy remedies, eye drops, antipsychotics and drugs for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which are now priority fields for medicine.

BOC is used across a broad spectrum of fields. Among a host of applications, BOC is used as a protective agent for amino radicals and hydroxyl radicals in organic synthesis reactions for synthesizing pharmaceuticals.

Triazimoch is a condensation agent that is used for selectively facilitating a dehydration reaction from the carboxyl and amino groups as well as the carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. Triazimoc has a wide array of applications and is primarily used as a condensation agent in the synthesis of electronic materials, optical materials, and medical-related substances.

TS Business

Photochromic dye materials are clear resins that change color to either gray or brown in response to the ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight, and return to their colorless (clear) state when indoors.

Tokuyama offers TS-56 as a hard coating solution that protects the surface of plastic lenses from scratches, and TS-56WR2 to guard against water stains that occur when water sticks to lens surfaces.

NF Business

Porum is a film that repels water but allows air and moisture to pass through. Tokuyama also offers Lami Porum, a laminated film that can be combined with non-woven fabrics and cloth yarn. Primary uses include back sheets for disposable diapers and feminine napkins.

The NF Sheet products is a film that repels water but allows air and moisture to pass through. Tokuyama also provides the NFR Sheet, which can be combined with non-woven fabrics and cloth yarn. Because they can be combined with non-woven fabrics and cloth yarn, the NF Sheet is used for air-permeable packing materials, household-use moisture-absorption agents and drying agents.

Group Companies

Tokuyama Dental Corporation

Tokuyama Dental Corporation strives to nurture a world of abundant health and prosperity through its innovative products and technology.

A&T Corporation

A&T Corporation is developing its business in the Clinical Laboratory field under the corporate philosophy of “Support Medical Care and Contribute to People’s Health around the World.”

Sun・Tox Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

Sun・Tox Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells plastic films. Its products are widely used to package foods like rice-balls and sandwiches sold in convenience stores.

ASTOM Corporation

ASTOM Corporation supplies ion exchange membranes and electrodialysis equipment used in a wide range of fields such as water treatment, food, medicine. They contribute for global environmental conservation.

Excel Shanon Corporation (Japanese)

"Shanon Window" is the leading PVC windows with superior thermal insulation performance. Optimal for soundproof and airtight applications, this window is essential for energy saving home and comfortable living.

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